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[09 Nov 2007|01:54am]
[ mood | infuriated ]


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[15 Oct 2007|08:55pm]
Happy Birthday SEAN!!!!!!!
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So this is the New Year. [19 Sep 2007|12:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I missed Rosh Hashannah this month, but it's nothing too big. Not as big as Yom Kippuuuuurrrr! Which is the reason for this entry, I'm going home Friday morning via plane for Yom Kippur and coming back Sunday night. Julia won't be there, thank the lord! Apparently she moved somewhere, but I don't know where. It's a family thing and I'm just going by myself. Poor Sean, he'll be here all by his lonesome. I'm sure Marc will be a good friend to you.

I'm going to go to the Sanrio store on Saturday so I'll pick up some really cute little things for Paige and Jubilee. I haven't seen Marc in a while, maybe I'll get him something Hello Kitty. ;)

I need to make a run into town later and get some more shampoo.

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[26 Aug 2007|07:07pm]
I waited 3 and a half hours to get on the Marverick and never did. So I went on a bunch of other roller coasters instead. Wicked Twister and Power Tower were two of the many I rode.

I think I'm taking a semester off. I'm pissed off. I'm going for a drive.

[16 Aug 2007|04:38pm]
[ mood | devious ]

And then I said

"Sean! Let's go to Cedar Point!"

And got no reply, so this is how I'm saying it and he'd better answer.

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[24 Jul 2007|11:27am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

HP SPOILER-ISH!!! not really..Collapse )

I think I'm taking a mini vacation by myself today. >:O I call it the salon and a body massage!

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[21 Jul 2007|05:29pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Yes I got Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, and no you can't tell me what happens or interrupt me while I'm reading it. :)

Summer is going good, but this entry is taking up HARRY POTTER TIME!!!!!!!!! AHHH :O Sean should update about our summer anyway.

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[15 Jun 2007|02:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]


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[26 May 2007|12:28am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hello journal! I've wondered about a lot of things lately. But I'm going to skip that and say that my day spa plan with Paige was amazing! It was her birthday present and I hope she had a lot of fun. :) My favorite was the pedicures and the nice back massages. What about you Paige? :) I can't wait to go back in about 6 months. Maybe in 3 for another pedicure.

Anyway, back to what I was wondering about. I was thinking about if I miraculously made a time machine and traveled to the future. I thought about what my future would be like, who I'd be with, what I would be like. Then I wondered what everybody else would be like. Just stupid little things like that. I think I might need a little bit of sleep, or maybe a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Sean, I think I need to talk to you later.

Marc, good luck in rehab. You'll come out a better person, even if I will miss you.

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[08 May 2007|10:03pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I'm pretty worn out lately. Sorry for my lack of commenting and being social. I think Sean might even be having withdrawals I've been so busy. I have been taking dance classes outside for Xavier's, I don't think we even have a dance teacher here. I've been taking jazz and ballet, I haven't done that in such a long time. I've been caught up with school but I think it's time I started dance again. I've also been doing good with keeping up on homework. I do believe I'm back to my A+ student status if I'm not mistaken. If anybody wants to correct me on that, let me know!

As for Julia, I haven't talked to her since the journal incident. I think she's pretty pissed off at me, but oh well. I'll just end up seeing her this summer for my birthday. In which, she'll probably put bologna on my car, chocolate syrup on my windshield wipers, and hot dogs on my antenna. With her it seems like anything is possible. I'm not doubting her putting roofies in my orange juice in the morning so I miss my birthday completely. Oh the joy of going back home and seeing family. Speaking of which, I talked to my Dad today and he wants to get me a different car for my birthday. Which is odd because the car I have is fairly new and I got it for Hanukkah a year ago. I won't argue, with gas prices this high I need a good car with good mileage. Especially now that I am traveling outside of the mansion. So yay for new cars.

Flapjacks has been a good bunny, with the exception of her chewing on everything she sees. I got her some weird chew toys to keep her occupied. So far she hasn't damaged anything that wasn't mine. I don't think the professor would like animals chewing on his lovely mansion. I'd be rather upset if I was him.

Is anybody else happy that spring has finally sprung?! Summer vacation will be coming up real soon and I cannot wait! I might go on a trip to Florida to sit in the sun and on the beach. Maybe I will go to California for a little while. I've always heard Carmel is a very beautiful place to go. Hmm, I think I might plan a little vacation.

Well I'm done for the night. :)

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WTF KITTYYYYY!!!!! [23 Apr 2007|12:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hah! I didn't know she had one of these. That girl is probably in class right now, bahaha. You're all probably wondering who I am. Well, look in the userpic, I am in the brown and purple. My name? It's Julia, I'm Katherine's older cousin. She used my computer over break to do some "stuff," I don't even know what she was talking about. Now that I've noticed this I'm certain this was her "stuff." That and shes so predictable! I just guessed her password on the 2nd try and got it. Doesn't mean the rest of you can do it! >O So don't because that's fucking rude and I'm her cousin so it's okay. NOT EVEN YOU SEAN! DON'T DO IT!

I've read through the entries and I'm barely ever mentioned! Does she hate me or something? >O So what if her New Years wasn't what she expected, she had fun didn't she? And she couldn't even mention how sad the VT shooting was? Somebody please explain to me what is wrong with my baby cousin! Any other kind of scandalous info would be nice, too! ;D I should get one of these, they do seem to be fun.

Sean, I can't wait until you come to the next family function. >:) Too bad I didn't get to see you during the move.

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omfg [15 Apr 2007|01:56am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I love animals and all, but I really don't like waking up and finding BABY BUNNIES ON MY FLOOR! This is just ridiculous, how can such a small animal have so many spawns of itself.. I'm kind of lost about this. Hopefully Sean would like to adopt a bunny. Anybody else want to adopt one? Else they are being shipped off to the pet store for in-store credit.

Class is going alright. Nothing too important there, I'm passing as always. I'm thinking about taking the next year off, or just a semester. Still, I think I deserve it. All I have done is work my ass off and it would be nice to vacation for once. I'll talk to my father about it later thought, he'll know what to do.

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Who is ready to LOL? [03 Apr 2007|10:30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Passover started last night. Like it matters though, I don't plan on celebrating it because I am seder-less this week. I don't think it's possible for this entry to be entertaining unless I do something horrible and mean. Only cause he deserves it.

I'll give you ten reasons why my boyfriend will hate meCollapse )

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[26 Feb 2007|11:58pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

6:15 this morning seemed great right? Of course not, it's 6:15 in the morning! Nobody in their right mind likes to be up at 6:15, I'm more of an 8:30 girl. Anyway, since recent events, Marc isn't teaching this week I don't even wanna go anymore to class. It's boring without him there, instead I have to listen to Baugher get pissed off because I played the wrong cord. Sorry, I've never played guitar before now. So it sucked. The funeral was good, I'll miss her, even though we barely talked as of late. Sean and I were there to comfort Marc, along with Rogue and Xavier, Aryn even showed up and some I've never met before. It's just going to feel weird from now on.

Speaking of weird, my Mom phoned me today, they are selling the house. The house I grew up in! Selling, how could they? But it's up for sale now, and that means I have to help them start packing up. *sighs* I just wanted to have that house forever, or at least until I died, or something. I don't know, maybe I'm over reacting but that's the house with the memories, and now it's going to be somebody else's house. And then they are going to make memories in it, erasing my memories there, and all my wonderful memories. Like my first Hanukkah, and my first Passover, when I first had Matza at the Seder. My first puppy, Penny! Penny is still alive, but still lots of firsts are going to be gone now. Whatever, I'm going to bed to be cranky and bitchy and look forward to a double dose of hell this week.

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[16 Feb 2007|10:37pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I've updated a lot lately I know! But I drew something today and I think you all would like it. :) Even though Holly probably could have drawn one better.

Ta-da. :)

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[16 Feb 2007|01:16am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Happy late Valentine's Day! :) I hope everybody had a good day.

Sean and I had dinner together, it was really nice. He got me a bear from Build-a-bear, it's supposed to look him him and it's very adorable! It has jeans, a read top with his name on it, some black converse tennys, and a guitar. It's super cute. It's like he's with me all the time.

Guitar class was cancelled, which was weird, I guess Mr. Anderson needed a break from my cool tunes. Poor guy, I feel bad for him, I'm horrible at guitar. I had to fill in that space for either studying or playing the Wii, I opted for the Wii though. I'm such a slacker, but I'm sure my grades are alright. Unless any of my teachers would like to comment about anything.

I'm kind of sleepy, but Valentine's Day was great. Now I'm going to go snuggle up with my bear.

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[13 Feb 2007|07:27pm]
[ mood | good ]

My Valentinr - phasing_beauty
Get your own valentinr

DO IT! :)

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-PRIVATE!!!- [04 Feb 2007|08:54pm]
heheCollapse )

*squeeeeee* [31 Jan 2007|11:00am]
[ mood | sore ]

I bought the best thing in the world yesterday!!!! It was worth getting up at 4:30 to get. Even though waiting and fighting people for it was hard. It was probably the first time I've used my mutation in public in a loonnng time. Best part was nobody noticed it, they were too busy punching others while I cleverly dodged and phased through them. At least I don't think anybody noticed, although I'm sure somebody would have said something very loudly if they did. As far as I'm concerned I didn't steal it and I bought it with credit. Anyway, you are all wondering what I got. Not bragging but I got a Wii. It's been a while since I've had a gaming system. I think the last one was a regular Play Station or a Nintendo GameCube, wait.. I had both but my Dad broke the Play Station after failing at the Spice Girls game. He's weird. I think he sold it.. who knows, it's just my Dad. But I loved my GameCube and the Wii can use GameCube games AND I can go online and download the old skool games. I'm not one for hunting but Duck Hunt was a great game! So was the Super Mario Brothers. I should be in class, but I'm taking a small break, only because I am sore as hell and I can't move. I actually think I pulled a muscle from playing Wii Baseball, or as Sean and I like to call it "Wii Foul Ball" I've never had a home run or anything, it was always a foul ball. Tennis is the best one though! But I felt like I was at a night club or something, everything something would happen to Sean, he'd change colors. Like that pixelated tennis ball was going to hit him in the face. I bought a few games too, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Elebits, and Zelda. I haven't gotten to Zelda yet but I've heard it's a good game. The others were really fun! But I am sore and tired and I should probably make my way around to a few classes so I'm not far behind.

Guitar class- What am I missing? I think the big thing is would be that Marc's ears finally have a day of rest. Yay him. Ow my arms and everything. I am so out of shape, I think I need some weight training. Anybody interested in helping me?

Ughh I just moved and ow. :(

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I'm so far behind. :( [28 Jan 2007|09:33pm]
[ mood | mellow ]


I haven't posted in a long time, I haven't even said "Happy New Years!" Nothing! I feel so weird now. Oh poor journal, how I have neglected you so. About New Years though. I bought Sean a plane ticket to come to Chicago, we had to pick him up at Midway, then we hung out until Saturday. He was all dressed up and stuff, he looked really cute. :) Then I was in my gown and did my hair. Julia was with us, oh god, she can't drive. I'd like to say I remember the ball dropping but I don't. :/ Julia spiked my drink and then I remember being at home. I think she spiked Sean's too... but I don't know. But what I do know, is that I'm not allowed to hang out with her anymore. Which isn't bad.

I visited Marc in the infirmary, I'm going to sign his cast tomorrow in class. :) I hope he likes my art work. Speaking of classes, they are alright. I find physics a little bit harded now, but *shrugs* I'm still doing it. Everything else is just alright.

I'm finding this entry really short. :( And I want some cheese pizza, I think I am going to try becoming a vegetarian another try. Yay animals.

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