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I bought the best thing in the world yesterday!!!! It was worth getting up at 4:30 to get. Even though waiting and fighting people for it was hard. It was probably the first time I've used my mutation in public in a loonnng time. Best part was nobody noticed it, they were too busy punching others while I cleverly dodged and phased through them. At least I don't think anybody noticed, although I'm sure somebody would have said something very loudly if they did. As far as I'm concerned I didn't steal it and I bought it with credit. Anyway, you are all wondering what I got. Not bragging but I got a Wii. It's been a while since I've had a gaming system. I think the last one was a regular Play Station or a Nintendo GameCube, wait.. I had both but my Dad broke the Play Station after failing at the Spice Girls game. He's weird. I think he sold it.. who knows, it's just my Dad. But I loved my GameCube and the Wii can use GameCube games AND I can go online and download the old skool games. I'm not one for hunting but Duck Hunt was a great game! So was the Super Mario Brothers. I should be in class, but I'm taking a small break, only because I am sore as hell and I can't move. I actually think I pulled a muscle from playing Wii Baseball, or as Sean and I like to call it "Wii Foul Ball" I've never had a home run or anything, it was always a foul ball. Tennis is the best one though! But I felt like I was at a night club or something, everything something would happen to Sean, he'd change colors. Like that pixelated tennis ball was going to hit him in the face. I bought a few games too, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Elebits, and Zelda. I haven't gotten to Zelda yet but I've heard it's a good game. The others were really fun! But I am sore and tired and I should probably make my way around to a few classes so I'm not far behind.

Guitar class- What am I missing? I think the big thing is would be that Marc's ears finally have a day of rest. Yay him. Ow my arms and everything. I am so out of shape, I think I need some weight training. Anybody interested in helping me?

Ughh I just moved and ow. :(
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