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I'm so far behind. :(


I haven't posted in a long time, I haven't even said "Happy New Years!" Nothing! I feel so weird now. Oh poor journal, how I have neglected you so. About New Years though. I bought Sean a plane ticket to come to Chicago, we had to pick him up at Midway, then we hung out until Saturday. He was all dressed up and stuff, he looked really cute. :) Then I was in my gown and did my hair. Julia was with us, oh god, she can't drive. I'd like to say I remember the ball dropping but I don't. :/ Julia spiked my drink and then I remember being at home. I think she spiked Sean's too... but I don't know. But what I do know, is that I'm not allowed to hang out with her anymore. Which isn't bad.

I visited Marc in the infirmary, I'm going to sign his cast tomorrow in class. :) I hope he likes my art work. Speaking of classes, they are alright. I find physics a little bit harded now, but *shrugs* I'm still doing it. Everything else is just alright.

I'm finding this entry really short. :( And I want some cheese pizza, I think I am going to try becoming a vegetarian another try. Yay animals.
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