Kitty Pryde (phasing_beauty) wrote,
Kitty Pryde


Hah! I didn't know she had one of these. That girl is probably in class right now, bahaha. You're all probably wondering who I am. Well, look in the userpic, I am in the brown and purple. My name? It's Julia, I'm Katherine's older cousin. She used my computer over break to do some "stuff," I don't even know what she was talking about. Now that I've noticed this I'm certain this was her "stuff." That and shes so predictable! I just guessed her password on the 2nd try and got it. Doesn't mean the rest of you can do it! >O So don't because that's fucking rude and I'm her cousin so it's okay. NOT EVEN YOU SEAN! DON'T DO IT!

I've read through the entries and I'm barely ever mentioned! Does she hate me or something? >O So what if her New Years wasn't what she expected, she had fun didn't she? And she couldn't even mention how sad the VT shooting was? Somebody please explain to me what is wrong with my baby cousin! Any other kind of scandalous info would be nice, too! ;D I should get one of these, they do seem to be fun.

Sean, I can't wait until you come to the next family function. >:) Too bad I didn't get to see you during the move.
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